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Daintree Luxury Villas.

Inspired by the 180 million years old tropical Daintree rainforest of Australia.

Homes with 3 times more oxygen and 2 times more light.

Homes which actually save water and power.

Homes where the outdoors wander indoors.

Homes that are cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Natura Daintree Villa

Comprising 116 luxury villas, Daintree is a call to return to nature, along with all the comforts technology provides.


  • ➤ Amphitheatre
  • ➤ Tennis court
  • ➤ Basketball mini court
  • ➤ Kids play area
  • ➤ Mini fruit and veggie farm
  • ➤ Multipurpose outdoor open space
Clubhouse featuring:
  • ➤ Gym
  • ➤ Library
  • ➤ Cafe
  • ➤ Party hall (indoor and alfresco)
  • ➤ Yoga and aerobics room
  • ➤ Swimming pool with toddler pool
  • ➤ Mini theatre
  • ➤ Indoor games
  • ➤ Toddler play area


Sunlight is harnessed to light every corner, generate power, and heat water.

  • Skylights at every level ensure that natural light reaches the furthest corners of the house, even at the lower levels.
  • Clerestory windows provide light, ventilation, privacy and welcoming atmosphere.


Rainfall is precious, and is treated as such. Every little drop of water that touches the rooftops and walkways is recycled and reused.

A 7KLD tank stores enough rainwater for thirty days of use.

WTP, a purification technology treats rainwater, and makes it suitable for drinking. The treated water is of better quality than borewell water.


Computer simulations are used to predict airflow. They also provide sun path, wind flow, daylight and shading analyses. This lets us plan and position each construction, and ensure that it stays naturally cool, with minimum dependence on appliances.

Windows are positioned to let in fresh air. Open spaces in a villa measure 50% more than most houses.

Special insulating tiles cool the homes, and reduce dependence on air conditioners.

Wind-powered turbo ventilators suck out the hot air that rises to the insulated ceilings.


  • RCC - Framed Structure.
  • Solid cement block masonry of 6’’ thickness for peripheral walls and 4” thickness for internal walls.

Internal Walls: Internal walls with smooth plaster finish and emulsion paint

External Walls: External walls with water-proof plaster and exterior grade emulsion paint

  • 2’X4’ Vitrified tiles for foyer, living, dining.
  • Vitrified tiles for kitchen and utility area.
  • Wooden laminate for all bedrooms and family room.
  • Insulating Tiles for terrace areas.
  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles for balcony, toilets.

  • Ceramic glazed tiles dado up to 7 feet height.
  • White EWC and washbasin, mirror in all bathrooms.
  • CP fittings and accessories.
  • All CP Fittings shall be of Kohler/Equivalent make.
  • Single lever diverter for all showers and single lever mixer for all washbasins, except servant toilet.
  • Health faucet in all toilets.
  • Solar water heater to supply hot water to all toilets.
  • Provision for exhaust fans in all toilets.

  • Granite platform with stainless steel sink and drain board.
  • Dado above platform area with ceramic glazed tiles.

  • Main Door: Teak wood frame with designer flush door shutter.
  • Other Doors: Seasoned hardwood frame with flush door shutter.
  • Stainless steel hardware.

Anodized Aluminum or UPVC windows with Clear Glass.

  • Premium quality CP fittings.
  • Premium quality PVC drainage and storm water pipes.

  • Concealed wiring with PVC insulated copper wires and modular switches.
  • Sufficient power outlets and light points.
  • Up to 6 KW power for all villas.
  • TV and telephone points in living, family and all bedrooms
  • ELCB and individual meters for all villas.
  • Provision for AC in all rooms.

  • The entire estate is secured with a compound wall and entrances will be manned by security.
  • Provision for Video door phone.
  • Intercom from security to all units.


Years of R and D have taught us to rely on traditional wisdom, and local resources. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint, and create superior living experiences.

Every villa is vastu-compliant.

Living, dining, and kitchen spaces flow seamlessly.

Ceilings are twice or thrice the average ceiling height.

Every villa has huge French windows, and a private backyard with a garden.

Large bathrooms, and walk-in closets create a feeling of limitlessness.

Clearly demarcated public, private and semi-private spaces ensure that your space remains yours.

Living, dining and kitchen areas feature marble flooring. The other areas boast laminated wooden flooring.


Nature’s forces, when channelled correctly, make our lives joyous and comfortable. However, there is no wisdom in seeking to dominate the five elements. It’s best to treasure nature, and humbly accept her gifts.



Living in a Daintree home means that you will want for nothing. In fact, you will practically live off the bounty of nature. That’s because every luxury we bring you, has sustainability at its core. Nature’s offerings are treasured, and enjoyed, never squandered.

Plumbing materials and CP Fittings have a fixed flow rate that saves water.

All electrical wires, switches, and equipment are chosen for their low consumption of energy.

Low VOC paints are used to improve air quality.

Turbo ventilators keep the home naturally cool.

Organic Community Composter recycles kitchen waste.

Local Indian stones reduce carbon footprint.

Thermal-insulation tiles control the temperature naturally.

Every home has a solar water heater, and a garden.


Every home is fitted with solar water heaters so that there is less dependency on electricity. All power is generated by the most natural, and life-giving force: Sunlight.


We give Earth’s most precious resource the respect it deserves. With water requirement calculated at 41,310 litres, our Rainwater Harvesting and water saving fixtures reduce atleast 70% water consumption without you feeling the impact of it.

Water is recycled to create more water. Rainwater harvesting is practiced by ground recharge.

Sewage water is treated for use in the garden. Series of open wells collect rainwater.

Facilities are in place to collect storm water. Used water is treated for reuse wherever possible.

Water meters act as checks/indicators and promote awareness.


The roofs are fitted with wind-fed, free-spinning Turbo Ventilators, to bring you fresh and cool air, every minute of every day, with no dependency on fans and ACs.


All the stones at Daintree are locally sourced. They aren’t just suitable to our climate, but available in many varieties, patterns, colours and textures. They are extremely durable, and environment-friendly.

Local stones do not require epoxy-based chemicals to be cut. They are also less toxic, and look better with time.

Building materials include porotherm bricks that stay cool in summer, and warm in winter.

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