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easy go-to guide tips to relax

We all lead busy and hectic lives; and between work, family life, and social engagements, many a times we find it difficult to take out time to relax and find our personal space. Unwinding after a long day at work or over the weekend can be incredibly healthy and restorative and we shouldn’t be depriving ourselves of this simple luxury due to the paucity of time.

Here are some easy go-to guide tips to relax, in the comfort our own homes:

  1. Staycation

  2. ‘Home sweet home’. Even after the best of the vacations we are always looking forward to coming home. It is our domain and nothing can be more comforting than our own home. So why can’t we have a vacation experience at home? Do the same things we do on a holiday - chilling in the pool, spending time with our family, not entering the kitchen and all this without the hassle of planning, packing and of course without spending any extra money

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  3. Pursue a hobby

  4. Between work and family life, sometimes we forget to invest in ourselves and explore new areas of interest. Take time to explore a new hobby at home, such as learning a new instrument, painting or even pursuing a sport in which we have been long wanting to play, all of which help to relax and de-stress. There are several new age apartment complexes that offer ample sporting complexes such as the Uber Verdant II on Sarjapur Road.

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  5. Bring nature indoors

  6. Science has shown that spending time with nature helps us relax. Unfortunately it is not possible to be amidst nature in the urban chaos that we live in. This problem can be solved by bringing nature indoors. Make plants a part of the home decor - from planters in the balcony to indoor plants to potted plants on the kitchen window, greenery in and around our home can create a relaxing environment. Uber Verdant II has a specially designed vertical green wall that helps immensely in wind and air circulation and provides a peaceful nature inspired setting right in the heart of the city.

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  7. Disconnect from electronic devices

  8. Unplugging from our gadgets at home especially in the bedroom can go a long way to relax, sleep better and focus. It also helps us to discover other channels of relaxation like books, enjoy nature, spending time with our family which often gets neglected with electronic devices

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  9. Take out ‘Me Time’

  10. Carving out an alone time can be extremely beneficial, including increased creativity and mental health. Squeezing just about 10-15 minutes of solo time can be extremely relaxing. This sometimes becomes difficult with hectic schedule and having other members in the family. Try getting up a little earlier than the rest of the house, find the spot in your house which is your sanctuary, catch up with yourself, relax, breathe and see yourself geared up for one more challenging day

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    At Mana Projects, we are constantly re-looking what life can be and how we as a developer can improve it. Uber Verdant II situated in the heart of the IT belt on main Sarjapur road, is specially designed for those who have a busy and chaotic life. Those who have the resources to spend but don’t have the luxury of time to go for the breaks. Uber Verdant II offers the perfect detox. The location in the heart of the city, along with its unique nature inspired design allows people to relax right within the confines of their own home.

    Enjoy a 7 day weekend home./