Why Invest in Sarjapur road


January 10, 2021

When investing in real estate or searching for a new home, location is usually the primary factor that helps you make a decision. As the value of a property can also be roughly estimated based on its location. So choosing the right location for you and your family is crucial, as it will allow you to get a picture of both your budgeting and lifestyle in the coming years. Anyone who has searched for a property in the last few years would have certainly heard of Sarjapur road, as it is one of the best emerging localities in Bangalore. It is a location ideal for IT professionals and new families. Although it is such a diverse setting that is likely to have a property suited for any type of home buyer.


The foremost reasons people are flocking to Sarjapur road is the tremendous growth it has seen in recent times. Just over a decade ago the area was seen as relatively remote, with little infrastructure or scope for development. This stands in stark contrast to the Sarjapur we see today, as it stands as a testament to the new Bangalore, ie. The silicon valley of India. Today Sarjapur road has some of the best residential and commercial real estate projects in the city, with more coming up in the future. Investing in Sarjapur today can pay you tenfold in the future. As property value in the area has been rising consistently for the past decade and this bullish marketing isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Many investors have already captured this trend and are reaping the benefits, but there are still nearly 30% of the homes on Sarjapur road which are still in need of a buyer. On top of this, the number of new projects being developed in the area is also increasing each year, this includes 1bhk, 2bhk, and 3bhk on Sarjapur road. Making it the perfect time to invest.


Sarjapur road is one of the most well-connected Roads. It stems directly off the outer ring road which ensures a hassle-free journey to other parts of the city. It is also in close proximity to other popular destinations such as Koramangala, HSR Layout, Whitefield, Bellandur and Marathahalli. This lets residents easily get to multiple key locations in the city, in less than 30 minutes. On Sarjapur road and its close surroundings alone, there are 3 different malls, nearly 10 hospitals, and countless dining options: with restaurants, pubs and fast food joints of every cuisine that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most sophisticated foodie. Many of Bangalore’s top schools are also located on Sarjapur road. This includes world-class international and national schools with a wide range of curriculum choices. Even transportation is ideal on Sarjapur road due to its below-average traffic levels during the day, a plethora of bus stops, auto stands, and even an upcoming metro station within 5 kilometers that will connect you directly to the heart of the city.


Nearly 90% of the residents in and around Sarjapur road are IT, professionals. This is no coincidence as Sarjapur road is littered with multinational corporations, tech parks and offices. It is known to be a meeting place between some of the top talent and top companies in the country. Due to this reason, there is always employment opportunity in the area, as most firms operate in similar domains, making it a hiccup-free process for employees to transition from one company to another. This also means that the booming IT sector has led to the creations of 1000s of other jobs in related industries. Due to the demanding and value-oriented nature of the modern customer, builders have also upped their game in terms of quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction making Sarjapur road have some of the finest apartments for sale in Bangalore.

These are the predominant factors that have lead to the rise of Sarjapur road as one of the prime localities in Bangalore. Exploring the many areas that branch off from Sarjapur road can also reveal many excellent properties. The diversity of options in the area is also outstanding, from small plot housing to large scale townships. The area has a project at every price point to fit the unique needs of each buyer. Mana Projects also has three projects currently for sale on Sarjapur road, all of which are large scale properties with world-class amenities. With the philosophy of placing the customers’ needs before all else, Mana Projects has some of the best flats in Bangalore. Invest in Sarjapur today, and relish your dream home tomorrow!