Why Landscaping is Gaining Popularity in Real Estate

December 06, 2021

Why Landscaping is Gaining Popularity

The worth of trees and plants is impossible to assess. However, the growth of human civilizations, especially in modern times, has been disastrous for the immobile green world. However, with continued awareness and conscience, we have found ways to initiate sustainable development. Climate consciousness is probably the key reason for such an initiative. The real estate sectors all over the world are adapting to such initiatives which will redefine our housing structure.

The consumer trends in real estate have also changed significantly in recent years. Landscapes in gated communities are designed to complement the society's aesthetic as well as the surrounding environment. In real estate, landscapes are becoming increasingly popular.

Real estate green revolution

Due to the rapid depletion of natural resources, life requires a shift towards a green and sustainable housing. Real estate sector in India and around the world are rapidly transforming to facilitate Green living. Green architecture is becoming more widespread and a standard norm. This transformational initiative will not only pave way for a greener world but also promote healthy living.

Green homes are in demand and the demand will continue to increase in coming years. After all, green homes and healthy living go hand in hand, and people are wisely choosing eco-conscious living.

Going with the flow of green homes and sustainable living, the real estate sector has widely promoted Landscaping - an organic environment by judicious and scientific plantation of green trees, shrubs, and grass. The best part is, it can thrive in normal conditions and doesn’t need much care and expenditure.

Why is Landscaping the need of the hour?

Landscaping perfectly complements the concept of an eco-friendly lifestyle, apart from being stunning and mesmerizing. Moreover, it enhances the lifestyle besides providing several advantages.

Here are some advantages which show why landscaping is necessary at the moment and how it can help to create a better world.

#1. A step towards preserving the environment

No one can deny the fact that homes with lush green landscapes are environmentally friendly. Greenery itself is a major component of the environment so any effort to preserve the greenery is a step towards preserving the environment.

Chemicals, which can be a worrying factor for environmental degradation, are not used in landscaping. By reducing or avoiding chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, you will contribute to preserving water, air, and wildlife along with the soil on which you are landscaping.

#2. Maintains ecological balance

Plants and trees are essential for maintaining ecological balance, and landscapes contain a variety of plants, trees, and creepers. They are the planet's primary form of life. Millions of organisms find refuge in plants. They also absorb and return pure oxygen after absorbing carbon dioxide from humans and animals.

This entire cycle of interdependence goes on when trees and plants live on. By adopting to keep plants and trees in their pristine form, you are also contributing to maintaining the ecological balance of nature.

#3. Clean and cool living space

Landscapes help in lowering your HVAC costs as you don’t face extreme climatic conditions. Moreover, children's play areas, jogging tracks, and other gated community amenities are strategically placed among the landscapes, providing a cleaner and more refreshing environment for residents who come out in their spare time.

Many people might not know but grass acts as an excellent natural dehumidifier. So, you can imagine what it can do when you have the entire compound covered with green grass. Furthermore, trees and thick green foliage block the sun's heat from entering the house through windows and walls, lowering the temperature both inside and out. This will cut down your air conditioner cost upto 20%.

#4. Innovation for the best

Since the popularity of landscaping is sweeping the floor, builders and architects are coming up with innovative ways to make landscaping more beautiful, more efficient, and more purposeful.

This innovation can be clearly seen from various components like terraced gardens, vertical garden designs, or green front elevations that give the building a spectacular appearance and a lively feel.

Terrace gardens, for instance, are a lovely way to maximize the aesthetic appearance of the living space while making the most of limited and compact space. Being known as a roof garden, it also helps in lowering the building's temperature. In some cases, the roof garden also helps in retaining rainwater and increasing biodiversity.

Today India is dotted with innovative architectural projects that promote this landscaping at its best. For instance, Mana Projects, one of the best real estate companies in Bangalore has unveiled its magnum opus Mana Foresta - one of a kind project with innovative design and architecture.

With the blend of concepts like urban forestry, landscaping, and green architecture, Mana Foresta is rightfully the India's first vertical forest tower. The entire tower is wrapped in a dense green forest, creating a beautiful canopy of mesmerizing enticement. Once completed, the project will comprise irresistible premium luxury flats in Sarjapur, Bangalore.

#5. Increases the value of a product

Landscaping not only changes the look of the area but also increases the value of the property. Apart from enhancing the environment's natural beauty, it also acts as a source of natural luxury and opulence.

As people are increasingly looking for properties with green landscapes, the surge in demand will surely increase the property prices in major cities. In Bangalore, for instance, with the unprecedented surge in demand for green buildings, the property price is soaring up. Hence, investing in green building and landscape properties is bound to give hefty returns.

#6. It helps to create pollution-free living space

No other species on earth can absorb as much oxygen as trees and plants can. Thus, having trees around the living zone will not only benefit in beautifying the space but also reducing carbon emission to the environment

Nowadays, prominent builders and real estate companies are increasingly focused on the strategic plantation of trees, plants, creepers, and shrubs to minimize carbon emissions to the environment.

Mana Projects has gone a step further by including tree canopies in the building along with the windows. Hence, in Mana Foresta, you will find real trees along with the normal plant species in the balcony garden. This innovation will surely put Mana Foresta among the most demanded category of flats and apartments with balcony gardens in Sarjapur.

#7. Stress Reduction

Spending time in this environment is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for one’s health. Even doctors suggest spending time with greenery. It is a fact that green color is an excellent stress buster and it soothes the eyes well.

Imagine you walking or jogging along the rows of green standing trees and on the widespread green carpet of grass. It will surely help you adopt a positive and relieving mood - something that is necessary for mental fitness.

The bottom line - Landscapes Gaining Popularity

It is evident from the 7 excellent reasons why landscaping is gaining popularity and people are increasingly looking for a property with green landscape in Bangalore and elsewhere in India. Also, looking at the unprecedented demand for such properties, the upcoming future will further witness people adopting a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. This shift in lifestyle will also set new trends and standards for housing projects with landscaping as an integral element.