How Modern Apartment Living Can Help In Work-Life Balance

Gated communities are designed to be self-sufficient residential facilities. Such communities have fences and various necessary utilities within the premises for a comfortable urban lifestyle.

Sensing a rising inter-societal chasm as a result of urban limits, many creative developers focused on developing residential developments that extend living beyond the four walls and rekindle the traditional charm of community living.

What homebuyers want?

Today's homebuyers are well-informed and seek world-class amenities in a secure setting, which has resulted in a progressive increase in the demand for gated residential complexes, which has also welcomed a more cohesive social life

Families with children choose gated communities because they provide safety and kid-friendly amenities that are lacking in other residential settings. Some of the reasons for investing in a gated community include a high discretionary income, working parents, and a lack of time to manage every element of the child's daily schedule.

When both parents are working, it is impossible for them to assist their children with their schoolwork, and creche/daycare are no longer viable possibilities. Parents are also concerned about the negative impact of technology on sensitive young minds.

Let's take a look at the top six reasons why a gated community like Mana Capitol in Sarjapur, Bangalore, is the best place for kids.

6 reasons why a gated community is best for kids

24/7 safety and security

Working parents have little choice but to leave their children in daycare, with nannies, or with relatives. However, the safety and well-being of their children is always on their thoughts. The concept of gated communities with secure and well-guarded surroundings provides parents with peace of mind.

Gated communities feature set entry and exit points that are either manned or equipped with electronic security. This means that only authenticated residents and visitors will be able to enter the community. There are also CCTV cameras in strategic locations for 24-hour surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems, and other safety features.

Child-friendly amenities

Kid Centric homes include age-appropriate facilities such as a learning hub, reading room, clubhouses, playrooms, creche, swimming pools, sports, and co-curricular activity arenas with coaches and experts for a child's allround development.

These homes also improve the learning process by offering maximum exposure to youngsters and ensuring that excellent values, a sense of responsibility, and life skills are instilled in children from an early age.

This is a big benefit because if these facilities were available outside of the township, they would be prohibitively expensive, and children would grow tired of commuting back and forth from school. Mana, one of the top builders in Bangalore, has earned a niche in this market.

Developing a sense of community

Another advantage of living in a gated community is the sense of community and the development of social skills in children.

Children who grow up in nuclear homes miss out on the fun of growing up in a large family and celebrating special milestones on a grand scale. Many towns conducted gatherings or festivals allowing residents to associate with one another, resulting in familiarity and trust.

Children also have the opportunity to engage and bond with their peers, which is beneficial to their interpersonal skills. In such an environment, children build lifelong friendships that equip them with values such as respect, kindness, and equality. Children acquire a sense of belonging among their peers, which is essential for their emotional and mental development.


Knowing your neighbours is also advantageous. In the event of a mishap or parents going out in an emergency, the neighbours can look after the kids until the parents return. It is always preferable for the youngster to be with a familiar adult since when they are harmed, they are terrified and require someone known and trusted to calm their fears.

A well-known neighbour assures them that they are safe and will see their parents soon. Most gated communities have on-site first aid or medical assistance to handle most emergencies. In-house maintenance personnel are also available around the clock.

No worries about traffic

In a gated community, one does not have to worry about the continual activity and noise of traffic. Children can play outside without being concerned about speeding vehicles. A gated community provides a lovely sense of peace and serenity away from the regular city hustle of today's technologically-driven society.

Green space for healthy growth

Modern gated communities are built with an emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. They promote water and electricity conservation, enhance air quality, and so provide a better living environment for both children and adults. An integrated community's main focus is on green and open spaces, as well as healthy living without much pollution.

The bottom line

Kid-centric houses are ideal for parents who want their children to engage in important learning activities after school without jeopardizing their safety.

The high demand and viability have made gated communities the optimal choice concerning children. The sector will see major trends in terms of facilities and technology in coming years. Undoubtedly. the amenities will evolve to meet the changing needs of the project's scope.