8 Vaastu-Forbidden Items You Must Keep Away from Your Home

The way you arrange your ready-to-move house in Sarjapur, Bangalore reveals a lot about who you are. But, unconsciously, we import such images, idols, or showpieces into our lives, disrupting our happiness and positivity and ultimately ruining our lives.

Every place contains both good and negative energies. Our emotions, thoughts, and even certain objects attract a specific form of energy. We may harness positive energy at home with the help of Vaastu by keeping everything Vaastu compliant.

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of organizing the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, and sky) into a specific space in order to balance all of the energy. Some objects are thought to increase bad energy in the house and are responsible for destroying the occupants' serenity, happiness, luck, and harmony.

While following Vaastu tips, you can invite Goodluck, and placing Vasstu-forbidden items can invite omen. Here are a few forbidden items you must keep away from your ready-to-occupy apartments in Sarjapur.

Scenes from a war

Paintings depicting battle images must be removed from the home immediately, according to Vastu. Although combat scenes from Indian mythology such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata are sometimes misinterpreted as a reminder of the old adage, "Victory of good over evil," they can create hostility and jealousy among family members.

Broken mirrors

Mirrors should be stored with caution in your duplex luxury apartments on Sarjapur road, Bangalore Make sure there is no mirror in front of your bed. When you are asleep, your image should never be mirrored. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, cover it with a curtain or cloth. According to legend, having broken mirrors at home brings bad luck for seven years as well as a broken marriage.

Animal Statues/Paintings

Put no images or showpieces of wild animals and birds such as snakes, bats, vultures, pigs, crows, pigeons, tigers, owls, and so on. Vastu advises against displaying any image or statue of a single bird or animal in a couple's room. Keeping photographs or showpieces of wild animals and birds brings a violent attitude into your life.

Cactus or spiky plants

Vastu strongly forbids the use of cacti indoors. Vastu considers thorns to be poison arrows, emitting negativity in all directions. Except for roses, all prickly plants should be avoided as decor.

Avoid putting anything under your bed.

Never store anything under your bed because it causes interruptions and disrupts your sleep. Also, before going to bed, make sure you don't have any footwear under your bed.

The Taj Mahal

Vastu advises against storing pictures or other Taj Mahal-related items at home. It could be one of the most impressive and stunning monuments ever built. However, it is also Mumtaj Mahal's tomb. Tombs/graves represent death and inactivity. It is easy to understand why Vastu considers it unlucky.

Brocken Crockery

Remove any broken dishes, mugs, or crockery as soon as possible. Because crockery represents riches and family, eating on broken or chipped dishes subconsciously invites failures and issues into your life.

Image of a sinking boat or the Titanic

A sinking boat represents a failed or deteriorating relationship, therefore if you have one, throw it away right away from your 3 BHK flat on Sarjapur road, Bangalore.