How To Set Up Your Terrace Garden In Easy Steps

November 16, 2021

Terrace Garden

Having a well-defined extra space like garden, patio, verandah or alleyways seem to be from historical eras. After all, seeing these things are now a rare site. With increasing urbanization, the space for having a garden is nothing less than a dream. Ironically, garden and greenery are among the most sought after amenities, especially in premium luxury flats may it be in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad.

Balcony garden or terrace garden is a solution to these growing demand among the luxury homebuyers . The balcony garden can be as large or as small as the gardener's imagination or the available space allows. It can be as simple as a few railing baskets to as complex as multiple pots and vertical gardens that cover every inch of wall space.

Advantages of Having a Balcony Garden

  • 1. Connection with Nature - Balcony gardens are for those who want the feel of nature in their home. Vertical space is an ideal option for more varieties of plants.
  • 2. Healthy living - Having a balcony garden ensures you have access to plenty of fresh and filtered air that is both pure and natural.
  • 3. Fresh produce - Even if it is in small quantities, a balcony garden will provide access to fresh produce. It can be a one-stop shop for herbs, vegetables, and flowers, among other things.

The open terrace gardening:

If you prefer the open air, keep your terrace garden open and avoid having any such shades. This will enhance the beauty of your home while also increasing the visibility of the garden from the outside.

Make sure you have plants that can withstand the heat, even if it is excessively hot, and in this case, you should also check your garden's water supply, as your plants may dry out.

Creeper based terrace garden:

Creepers are one of the most beautiful plants that people can use to enhance the appearance of their home's exterior and interior. You can even create a creeper-based terrace garden by planting the plant on the terrace and allowing it to grow to the base of your house.

Have a garden terrace patio:

This is another lovely addition to your terrace, in addition to the garden, and it will aid in the creation of your own outdoor living space. You can socialize with your guests here, or spend some quality time reading your favorite book on the patio.

Make your terrace garden colorful:

Color-coding would be the best idea for your terrace garden if you want to make it look beautiful and colorful. Aside from green plants, you'll need to get some colorful flowering plants and, at the same time, some colored leaf plants.

Have proper water facilities:

Whether your garden is on the grounds or on the terrace, you must always have adequate water facilities in your garden; otherwise, you will not be able to keep it cool. You can get water from the water tank here, and there are water taps all over to make the watering process a little easier.

Add some lights in the garden:

If you enjoy spending time in your garden at all hours of the day and night, this addition of lights is a must for your garden. Small LED lights are a good choice here because they look great and will enhance the beauty of your garden.

Apply paint on the walls of the terrace:

You should always have proper boundaries on your terrace for safety reasons, which is especially important if you have children at home. Kids love to run and play, so if you don't have proper boundaries in place on your terrace, an accident could occur.

You'd have to color those boundary walls to make the space look beautiful while also making the garden look colorful.

Have a grass field on the terrace:

Walking barefoot on the grass would bring you peace while also relaxing your mind and relieving your stress. Many people believe that if you don't have enough space on the outside of your house, you can't have a grass field, but you can now have one on your terrace.

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