Don’t Ignore These Important Vaastu Principles When Placing Your Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 is here and the auspicious vibe can be felt in the air. Modak, Dhol, and Arti and you can forget all your worries.

Despite Ganesha's widespread veneration as the benevolent remover of obstacles, we sometimes fail to accord him honor due to him as the God of joy, prosperity, and success. The Ganpati Murti is revered as a protector, hence it is customary to offer prayers to him before starting anything new.

The majority of us keep Ganesha idols at home but don't know where to put them. Since Ganesh Chaturthi is coming up, it's a great time to follow some basic Vaastu principles in order to eliminate obstacles and bring wealth, health, and happiness.

As a holy icon, the Ganpati Murti's color has a huge significance

White is the color of purity and peace. White Ganesha idols are thought to bring people happiness, tranquility, and prosperity. White Ganesha stickers would be helpful as well. In a similar manner, a person who wants to develop himself should welcome a vermilion Ganesha into their home. According to Vaastu, this is a very lucky situation.

The symbolic significance of Ganesha's idol

If you want to worship Ganesha at home, experts recommend placing an idol of him in Lalitasana, or the sitting position. Experts in the Vaastu theory say that having a statue of Ganesha sitting down brings peace and harmony to the household since it represents a calm, collected demeanor. The reclining Ganesha is a symbol of wealth, ease, and comfort. If you want to take it easy in this world, get a Ganpati statue that you can lay back in.

Trunk's direction is important

If you want to follow Vaastu principles, you should position the trunk of a seated Ganesha such that it points to the left. This is a symbol of achievement and satisfaction. Thus, when looking for your desirable idol on the way back home, make sure to check the trunk first. When an idol's trunk is leaned to the right, it represents the might of the sun and is difficult to satisfy by ceremonial worship.

Close attention to details

All believers know that Lord Ganesha rides around on a mouse named Vahan and that his favorite food is modak. Therefore, when selecting a household idol, it is recommended that a little mouse and a modak be included. To the Lord and his followers, the modak is both a sacrifice and a prasadam, and to the mouse, it is a symbol of pervasiveness.

The right direction

Ganesha should be positioned so that he faces the west, the north, or the northeast, as recommended by Vaastu experts. You should face the statue north since that is where Lord Shiva resides. That is why the direction is considered to be very auspicious. Be sure the portrait's or Ganpati murti's back is towards the front door. The south is not a good direction to put the idol.

Number of Ganesh idols

The number of Ganpati murtis you keep is a matter of taste, but Vaastu dictates that a single one is best. Legend has it that having multiple idols in your possession will only serve to anger Ridhi Sidhi and render them ineffective.

Don't place the idol here

There are some places in your home where the Ganesha statue should never be displayed. The basement, attic, basement, and crawlspaces are all examples. Vaastu experts advise against putting an idol in the garage since it is considered wasted space. Keep your Ganesha away from the energy of the basement or the laundry area.

White Ganesh Idol and Its significance

Anyone seeking contentment, success, and prosperity would do well to welcome a white Ganesha into their house since this color is thought to represent spirituality and purity of intention.

Importance of a Golden Ganesh Idol

If you wish to develop as a person, it's recommended that you install a vermilion-colored statue of Ganapathi in your home. Vermilion represents both the spiritual awakening of humanity and the progressive opening of the thousand-petal lotus flower at the crown of the head.

Standing Ganesha at the workplace

Bring a standing Ganesh idol if you want to put one on exhibit at your shop. Consequently, productivity and morale are increased.


Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 is on the corner and the auspicious vibe is all around the atmosphere. In such conditions, bring the Lord of Wisdom with full devotion and reverence. Follow the tips and points mentioned in this post to comply with the Vaastu principles of placing the Ganesh idol in the correct direction.

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