Role of Vastu While Selecting A Home

November 17, 2021

Role of Vastu

Vastu and its importance in the construction process are well-known in India. Some people have misconceptions about the importance of Vastu. However, that does not diminish its importance for the majority, who are fervent adherents of Vastu. For them, Vastu is more than just a science of placing things in the right direction. Instead, it's a link to the ancient Vedic science of blissful living by harnessing positive cosmic energy.

May it be a 2BHK, 3BHK, Villas, or Duplex apartments, people like to consider Vastu experts to take ideas and necessary recommendations before starting their home. We have compiled some of the most important Vastu tips for home you can consider before buying a ready to possess home in Bangalore or anywhere in India. However, before proceeding to the Vastu tips, it is necessary to understand what Vastu really is, and for that, we need to understand what Vastu shastra is. So, without further ado, let’s begin with what Vastu shastra is.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Since the dawn of the Vedic age, Vastu has been a prime contributor to the happiness, peace, and constant flow of positive cosmic energy in the dwelling place. Hence, Vastu shastra, in a nutshell, can be called the science of construction to maximize the flow of cosmic energy. Hence, it promotes design concepts regarding the direction of specific elements of the house construction that are inherently associated with the future consequences of the residents of the building or plot or any other structures.

That is why the top builders in Bangalore and elsewhere are paying significant attention to build perfect Vastu homes. For example, many ongoing residential projects in Sarjapur like Mana Capitol, Mana Uber Verdant II, and Mana Foresta have perfect Vastu lay outs.

Importance of Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu might look like just specifying the direction of different elements of the house. But in reality, it involves complex and precise mathematical calculations to set the things in place, in the right place to be specific. Vastu experts decide the proper and ideal position of rooms, exit and entry passages, furniture placement, sleeping direction, the direction of the fireplace, and other elements are determined only after considering the detailed data.

Good Vastu attracts positive vibes and helps you lead a happy, prosperous life with your family. It helps a person, family, or even business in a particular building grow prosperous.

Since Vastu has a significant impact on the day-to-day lives of the people living in the house, it is necessary to have everything right. However, one may not find everything to be cent percent Vastu compliant. In practicality, it is not possible to find homes with perfect Vastu . In such cases, corrective remedies are suggested by the experts to render growth, peace, prosperity, and wellbeing of the life of occupants in the house.

People looking to buy new homes must consider the following tips to get a better Vastu compliant home.

Vastu Tips for Homes:

  • The entrance, being the most critical place of the house, should always be east-facing as this is the most auspicious direction as per the Vastu Shastra.
  • The north direction of the house is associated with good fortune. Hence, it should never be blocked.
  • If there is any slope, it should be directed either from south to north or west to east.

Now let’s see some place-specific Vastu tips.


  • Bedrooms should always be in the southwest direction of the house.
  • The sleeping position must always be towards the south.
  • Bedrooms should always be clutter-free and well-ventilated.
  • Furniture should not be placed close to walls as it blocks positive energy.

Children’s rooms:

  • Constructing children’s room in the northwest direction of the house is considered the best.
  • Deafening colors should be avoided in kids’ rooms.

Vastu Tips for the kitchen:

  • The kitchen should be built in either the southeast or northwest direction.
  • The fireplace should be in such a direction that while cooking, you face the east.
  • There should be sufficient cross ventilation.

For Bathroom:

  • Northwest is the best direction for washroom
  • The sanitary fittings must not be broken.
  • Bathrooms should be well-ventilated and naturally lit.

Living Room:

  • Constructing the living room in the north direction is always recommended by Vastu experts.
  • If it is a furnished home, the number of chairs should always be even.

The bottom line

Although the tips can go on as Vastu Shastra has extensive recommendations for even the most minute things in the house. However, you can consider this brief list of general Vastu tips before investing in properties. It is also suggested that you can take a Vastu expert along with you while going for a site visit

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