Ready to Move in Apartments on Sarjapur Road | Features & Benefits

Real estate in Bangalore

has been a profitable financial choice for many people, and it has paid off handsomely. Real estate investing can provide you with both income and capital gains. Ever since Bangalore became India's IT capital, it also has become a popular choice for high-quality office space and affordable housing. Bangalore's exponential growth has resulted in the establishment of multiple micro-markets, with Sarjapur being one of the prominent centers.

Investing in properties on Sarjapur road is a lucrative option

People from all over the country have made Bangalore their permanent home, owing to the city's thriving job market, particularly in the IT sector. In this context, a few significant localities have come to be associated with the high-quality, no-compromise lifestyle that working professionals seek.

Electronic City, Whitefield, and Sarjapur have historically been at the forefront of this increase. Sarjapur Road in Bangalore's southeast is a popular real estate investment site. Once a lonely suburb, increased commercial activity, closeness to IT areas like Whitefield and Electronic City, and comparative competitiveness boosted real estate demand in the area.

Why are apartments on Sarjapur road in high demand?

Why do IT employees, business owners, and other Grade-A executives choose to live on Sarjapur Road? Let us find out why Sarjapur is thriving with booming real estate development in the region.

Location and surroundings

Sarjapur Road has strong residential demand and excellent connection to IT areas like Whitefield and Electronic City via the Outer Ring Road. This route passes via Dommasandra, Sulikunte, Kodathi, Hadosiddapura, Carmelaram, and Doddakannalli. Because of its proximity to different tech hubs, SEZs, and IT parks, this stretch draws IT/ITeS experts and investors. It is an ideal stretch for both end-user and investment, with properties to fit every budget.

The Development of IT Hubs

Until recently, Sarjapur was considered a mid-level real estate market. From 1996 to 2002, the Outer Ring Road was built in stages to help with traffic congestion across the city. The arrival of IT behemoths such as Wipro and Infosys, together with their campuses, in the late 1990s, during Bangalore's IT boom, was a major changer for the area. Sarjapur is especially appealing due to the availability of big land parcels for commercial and residential development.


Sarjapur is conveniently located near the key IT trinity of Marathalli, Electronic City, and Whitefield, making it one of the most popular places to live if you work in any of the areas mentioned above. The roads are well connected and easy to reach through the Outer Ring Road and the NICE motorway. Bangalore International Airport is around 52 kilometers distant, and the KSR Bengaluru train station (Majestic railway station) is approximately 33 kilometers away.

Affordable Destination

Experts estimate that about two lakh individuals working in the Outer Ring Road area make Sarjapur Road a thriving IT corridor. IT professionals working in these areas have a steady demand for residential real estate. Sarjapur Road has emerged as the primary choice among buyers as marketplaces such as Whitefield, Electronic City, and Outer Ring Road become saturated.

Well-developed social infrastructure

Sarjapur's status as an unrivaled real estate hub in Bangalore has been enhanced by the accessibility and availability of social and physical infrastructures. The neighborhood is recognized for its greenery and is home to the well-known Billapura Lake.

Sarjapur is also a major educational center, home to the Bangalore Technological Institute, the ITM Institute of Hotel Management, and the Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology. The area is popular among families and young IT professionals due to its established network of hospitals, schools, hotels, and malls.

Sarjapur's real estate market

Many real estate businesses have already built numerous projects in this zone, and many more are in the works to make this area one of Bangalore's most lively. Property prices are fast increasing, indicating that it is a good place to invest.

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