Mana Verdant: Where Nature Meets Luxury


In the heart of Jakkur, Bangalore, stands Mana Verdant—a testament to the perfect fusion of luxury living and nature-centric design. At MANA, we believe in crafting spaces that resonate with greenery and natural elements. The result? A residential haven where every detail revolves around you.

Elevating Quality of Life:

In the pursuit of creating a living experience that embraces nature, each 2, 3, and 4BHK unit at Mana Verdant is adorned with a private garden. This touch of green not only brings nature closer but also enriches the quality of life for our residents.

Zoning for a Unique Experience:

The thoughtful layout of Mana Verdant ensures that 2 & 3BHK units share the same floors, fostering a sense of community. For those seeking expansive living, the 4BHK units are perched on the upper floors, complete with generous open terraces, offering a villa-like feel.

Aesthetic Brilliance:

At MANA, aesthetics play a pivotal role in our designs. The zoning of each unit, with its private garden, is meticulously planned to provide residents with exposure to the natural environment. This design choice not only enhances the appeal of the facade but also breathes life into the building.

An Inviting Abode:

The end result? A building that exudes vitality, inviting residents into a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also infused with a sense of warmth and charm. Every corner of Mana Verdant is a testament to the idea that a home should be a delightful place to reside.

Mana Verdant: More Than a Home, It's a Lifestyle:

Mana Verdant is not just a residential complex; it's an embodiment of a lifestyle that cherishes the harmony between modernity and nature. Every aspect, from the private gardens to the open terraces, has been meticulously designed to offer an experience that is unparalleled.


Mana Verdant stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance, where luxury seamlessly mingles with nature's beauty. If you're in search of a home that transcends the ordinary, where every day feels like a retreat, then look no further than Mana Verdant.