MANA Verdant: Crafting a Submersible Experience Through Landscape Design


In the realm of architecture and landscape design, the essence lies not just in creating spaces, but in curating experiences. At MANA Verdant, this philosophy takes center stage. The landscape design is a testament to a meticulous understanding of the surroundings, utilizing natural contours and architectural forms to craft a dynamic and immersive environment.

Dynamic Lines: Guiding the Flow of Experience

The landscape at MANA Verdant draws inspiration from the prominent lines of the site and the contours of the land. These lines, far from being static, weave dynamically through the entire expanse, creating a sense of visual excitement. They serve as invisible guides, leading residents through the multifaceted functions the design offers.

An Alive Composition: Where Hardscape Meets Plantation

The integration of architectural forms, hardscape elements, and lush plantation breathes life into the design. The site's innate offerings harmonize with the building's architecture, creating a seamless blend of nature and structure. This fusion amplifies the vibrancy of the space, turning it into a living, breathing entity.

Patterns, Spaces, and Seaters: Transforming Lines into Experience

The emphasis on lines extends beyond mere aesthetics. They evolve into patterns, defining spaces and providing seating areas, pergolas, and various other landscape elements. This intentional arrangement enhances the functionality of the outdoor environment, inviting residents to engage with the space on multiple levels.

Softscape: The Ever-Changing Canvas of Nature

Incorporating softscape elements is an integral aspect of the landscape design. Plants, in their dynamic and ever-changing nature, contribute to the living tapestry of MANA Verdant. Native species take center stage, reflecting a conscious effort to enhance biodiversity, a critical aspect for urban pollinators.

Medicinal Plantation: A Tribute to Time-Honored Traditions

The inclusion of medicinal plants pays homage to age-old traditions that have withstood the test of time. These healing herbs and plants remind us of our rich heritage and offer a connection to practices that have nourished communities for generations.

Elevated Landscaping: A Three-Dimensional Symphony of Greenery

The landscape design doesn't confine itself to the ground. By extending greenery to the elevation, a three-dimensional visual feast of nature unfolds from every vantage point within the site. This elevation-centric approach amplifies the submersible experience, ensuring that residents are enveloped in greenery no matter where they stand.


MANA Verdant's landscape design transcends the conventional. It is a testament to the art of creating experiences, seamlessly blending nature, architecture, and human interaction. Every line, every plant, and every space is a deliberate stroke in this living canvas, inviting residents to immerse themselves in a world where architecture and nature coalesce in perfect harmony.