Mana Projects Celebrating 21 Years of Real Estate Excellence

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BANGALORE, India, March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mana Projects is one of the leadingreal estate developers in Bangalore, which has been successfully constructing residential and commercial properties in Bangalore for the past 21 years. Founded by Mr. D Kishore Reddy in 2000, Mana Projects has constructed over 24+ projects covering nearly 4.5+ million square feet, fulfilling the housing dreams of thousands of happy customers. The company has strived through multiple challenges to construct amenities-packedready to move in homes in Bangalorefor both locals and newcomers to the city.

The workforce of nearly 2000, following the motto of 'Imagineering dream spaces', works together in bringing forth the company's futuristic vision of building sustainablehomes with natural elementsall around. Mana Project has been successfully coining its core principle of imagination and engineering - together to create 'Imagineering', to innovate the overall ideal of living in a home. This vision is what leads Mana Projects to distinguish itself from other companies, as they pursue unique designs and concepts that give their properties an edge over the competition.

Mana Projects is also well known in the industry for making customer satisfaction as their priority. Due to this, they have a 100% track record for on-time delivery and are often credited with delivering their projects to the clients far before the actual promised date. This has built a great brand reputation of thebest real estate company in Bangaloreand has made them one of the few most trustworthy builders in the market.

Adding to their trust factor is Mana Projects' reputation for winning some of the most prestigious awards like 'International property awards'or 'Times property awards'from some of the highly renowned institutions. Year on Year, these awards have only strengthened Mana Projects credibility and consistency over the years as a most sought after real estate company in Bangalore.

Furthermore, Mana Projects is also in association with several world-class real estate entities such as the Credai organization, and the Indian green building council for making the housing sector more compliant with sustainable development. This can be well understood from the fact that the natural elements and greeneries have been the prime focus of every project. Therefore, every Mana property can be easily distinguished by its abundance of trees, shrubs, and green leaves, with equal emphasis on other factors of comfort such as natural lighting and optimal ventilation to create the perfect living experience.

The primary aim of Mana Projects has been to relieve people from the fast-paced gruelling city life by transporting them to a green paradise where they can relax and rejuvenate while still being only minutes away from the office or any entertainment hub. When it comes to price range, then Mana Projects offers a broad range of prices. Starting frombudget homes on Sarjapur main roadto thepremium luxury apartments in Bangaloreto accommodate people of class and background.

The concept ofgreen homes in Bangalore citywas first introduced in 2014 with the project 'Mana Seldon'. With this venture, Mana projects introduced several features like rainwater harvesting, built-in sewage treatment plants, landscaped gardens that are now ubiquitous with eco-friendly construction. This was the first step in a new direction that strayed away from traditional construction norms. This step also shifted the priority from cost-cutting to building something of significance that would give a sustainable customer experience.

Over time Mana Projects introduced many more innovations to their projects that encouraged sustainable living while immersing homeowners in nature. This was done through the introduction ofhomes with landscape balconies in Bangalore, which was quite revolutionary at the time, as it was one of the few companies to provide clients with a complete garden in their apartment balcony. These balconies were also self-watering with their advanced drip irrigation system. Along with this, the campuses of Mana buildings were littered with all kinds of trees and gardens, making these buildings synonymous with nature.

The latest in the line,Mana Foresta (Rera no. for Mana Foresta - PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/190525/002575) - a culmination of all the architectural innovations till date, isIndia's first vertical forest towerwith more than 200 fully grown trees lining each floor of the property and almost 3000 unique plants and vegetation on the property itself. This building would also mark a tremendous achievement in the Indian architectural world, and will likely go down as one ofBangalore city's most iconic buildings.

With 21 years of excellence behind them, Mana Projects is ready to embark on a journey to further develop its brand in the coming years. As they have consistently improved in quality with each project, and have proven themselves to be a substantial force in thereal estate market in Bangalorethat doesn't simply seek to build apartments, but also pays close attention to its externalities, with the foresight to push for a better tomorrow.

Keeping the values and merits that have brought them to this stage in mind, Mana Projects hopes to further innovate and create buildings that will push the boundaries of possibility while creating homes that clients can cherish for their entire lives.

Mana Projects currently has three ongoingapartment projects in Sarjapur Roadwith many more to come in the future. For more information, you are always encouraged to contact Mana Projects atenquiry@manaprojects.comor visit the official