Mana Dale: Where Nature Beckons and Dreams Unfold


In the heart of Bengaluru's Sarjapur, nestled amidst undulating valleys and lush greenery, lies a transformative sanctuary—Mana Dale. A brainchild of Mana Projects, this sustainable haven transcends landscapes, inviting you into a dreamscape of forestscapes. Discover a lifetime of serenity and excitement, where nature takes center stage.

Harmony in Independent Living:

Mana Dale is more than just a residential project; it's a vision of a harmonious community. Here, families find a space that champions independent yet interactive living. It's an environment where consciousness—both environmental and social—takes precedence. Imagine the laughter of children mingling with the rhythmic patter of raindrops, as grandparents savor life's golden moments, and young professionals pursue their passions—all within one holistic setting.

A Legacy of Sustainability:

Mana Dale is a trailblazer in sustainable living. Spanning 6.39 acres, it houses a century-old fruit orchard and a natural lake—a testament to its commitment to preserving the environment. The project pioneers Mivan Technology in Construction, showcasing innovation at every turn. Additionally, the 55,000 sq ft luxury clubhouses provide a lavish retreat in this green tropical paradise.

A Skyward Oasis for All:

The project envisions a total of 680 units across 6 towers, with two adjoining mega luxury clubhouses at their heart. On the 20th floor, a magnificent sky deck offers breathtaking 360-degree views for all residents. It's a peaceful oasis, a tropical paradise where life unfolds like a beautiful dream, with nature as your steadfast companion.


Mana Dale is an invitation to a life woven with nature's legacy. It's a testament to sustainability, innovation, and a community-centered lifestyle. Experience the harmonious blend of tranquil living and vibrant surroundings at Mana Dale, Sarjapur. Step into a world where dreams find their canvas, and nature paints the backdrop.