Mana Dale: Where Every Day is a Rewarding Family Day


In the bustling city of Bengaluru, finding the perfect family setting can often be a challenge. A quiet dinner at home or a night out amid traffic and weather-related hurdles doesn't always suffice. However, at Mana Dale, life takes on a different shade. Here, the perfect family setting is set amidst a century-old fruit orchard. A world of excitement and togetherness awaits right outside your doorstep.

A Safe Haven for Everyone:

Mana Dale provides a secure haven for each member of your family. Children can frolic with their friends within the safety of the community, exploring the kids' park and enjoying the garden. Grandparents can relax on park benches, gazing at the cosmic sky or the moon's reflection on the shimmering lake waters.

For the Two of You:

As for you and your partner, the 55,000 sq ft clubhouse with its rich acoustics offers a perfect space for quality time together. Whether you seek company or solitude, the expansive clubhouse caters to all your desires. There's no need for long drives, traffic jams, or checkpoints. Safety, security, tranquility, and serenity are inherent in the essence of Mana Dale.

A Hub of Entertainment:

Mana Dale is designed to be pollution-free, ensuring that traffic in your entertainment or garden zones remains below 10%. This allows you to bask in the beauty of the 100-year-old fruit orchard and relish the unlimited entertainment options, including wining and dining, movie screenings, and music concerts.


Mana Dale redefines the meaning of a rewarding family day. It brings families closer in a safe and secure environment where entertainment, togetherness, and serenity seamlessly blend. With nature as the backdrop, every day at Mana Dale becomes a memorable experience.