Macasa Emerald: Your Ultimate Co-Living Experience in Sarjapur Road


Introducing Macasa Emerald - a revolutionary concept in co-living designed exclusively for the new millennial. This is not just a living space; it's an experience curated for the ambitious, the creative, and the independent. With furnished designer spaces and a host of amenities, Macasa Emerald is where work, play, and relaxation seamlessly come together.

The Perfect Blend of Work and Play:

At Macasa Emerald, it's not all about work. It's about finding joy in your daily routine. Plug-and-play spaces, cozy corners for connecting with nature, and chic cafes make every moment a delight. Whether you're looking to relive the vibrancy of your college days or host a special event, Macasa Emerald offers a dynamic environment for it all.

Hi-Fi Outdoor Open-Air Theatre:

Immerse yourself in entertainment like never before. Macasa Emerald boasts a state-of-the-art outdoor open-air theatre with a projector screen. It's the perfect setting for movie nights, jam sessions, and memorable gatherings with friends and neighbors.

Facilitating Social Connections:

Macasa Emerald is more than just a living space; it's a community that encourages socializing. Connect with like-minded individuals in a designer setting that values both your privacy and your ability to work remotely. It's a place where you can strike the perfect balance between personal and professional life.

Flexible Spaces, Inside and Out:

True freedom is found in spaces that adapt to your needs. Macasa Emerald offers an environment of openness, allowing you to unclutter, unwind, and unburden your mind. Work from home? More like work from anywhere within the inspiring spaces of Macasa Emerald.

Soulful Luxury in Every Detail:

Macasa Emerald redefines luxury with an emphasis on the soulful experience. Every corner, every amenity, and every design choice reflects a commitment to providing you with the best in flexible and comfortable living.


Macasa Emerald in Sarjapur Road isn't just an apartment; it's a lifestyle tailored to the aspirations of the modern millennial. With a focus on community, work-life balance, and flexible spaces, it offers an experience that transcends traditional living arrangements. Discover the ultimate co-living experience at Macasa Emerald - where every space is truly your own.