Macasa Emerald: Where Passion Meets Openness in Living


Introducing Macasa Emerald, a living space that redefines the concept of home. For those who seek more than just four walls, Macasa Emerald offers detached, single-family homes with a focus on openness, flexibility, and trendsetting design. Let's explore how Macasa Emerald combines passion and openness to create a living experience that speaks volumes.

Eco-Friendly, Trendsetting Design:

Macasa Emerald embraces the ethos of eco-friendliness and trendsetting design. The single-family homes boast open concept layouts, allowing for a seamless flow of space. Minimal detailing and convertible furniture provide a canvas for you to customize your living environment according to your preferences.

European Chic Interiors: Making a Silent Statement:

The interiors of Macasa Emerald exude European chic, making a statement about your style preferences. It's a silent declaration of your love for minimalism and your passion for open spaces. Experience a rare fluidity of design that permeates every corner of the property.

Less is More:

For those who believe that less is more, Macasa Emerald is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy. The property showcases contemporary room designs complemented by furnishings that align with your vision of a clean, uncluttered living space.

Functional and Recreational Harmony:

At Macasa Emerald, functionality and recreation coexist in perfect harmony. Outdoor amenities, patios, and decks are sprinkled throughout, providing spaces for both relaxation and activity. This ensures that every aspect of living is catered to, from work to play.

Premium Living in Sarjapur Road:

Situated in the prime location of Sarjapur Road, Macasa Emerald offers a premium living experience. The luxury apartments are designed not just for comfort, but for a lifestyle that embodies passion, openness, and a commitment to minimalistic living.


Macasa Emerald is not just a living space; it's a statement of your style, your values, and your appreciation for the beauty of simplicity. With its focus on passion and openness, it offers a living experience that transcends the ordinary. Discover a new way of living at Macasa Emerald, where your home is an extension of your unique personality.