Exploring Mana Foresta: India’s First Vertical Forest Tower by Mana Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Mana Foresta Project in Bangalore

Mana Foresta- a premium luxury apartment with more than 225 Trees, 2500 Shrubs, 1000 Perennials & just 56 Families. It is one of the best architectural Marvel unveiled by Mana Projects. It aims to provide the residents an exclusive experience of forest life well within the city limits

The modern fast-growing urban lifestyle is full of pace and thrill. The trend of towards city migration has been in practice since quite a few centuries. However, that deep and silent aspire to live in a natural surrounding has never died. That same aspire is now again booming up with people drawn towards bringing the nature to the heart of cities.

Recently, the trend of living a symbiosis life with nature at one side and modern facilities of a city on the other side is increasingly becoming popular. The fantasy of living in the forest, enjoying birds chirping in the morning, and the fresh breadth of purest oxygen is nothing less than a panacea.

For a city dweller, this kind of lifestyle is restricted to the imagination or restricted to once-in-a-while vacation only. What if this fantasy turns out to be a reality and you do not have to even travel to some interior forest to experience such a life?

Lately, real estate developers have started capitalizing this on this fantasy themed living experience. Going forwards with this trend Mana Projects, with their latest project – Mana Foresta, have turned this imagination into a reality.

Mana Foresta, situated on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, is a tower complex of premium apartments in Bangalore that proudly displays how forest life can be brought to the city.

The inspiration behind Mana Foresta Project in Bangalore

Originally inspired by the Bosco Verticale, a building with a similar concept that was completed in 2014 in Milan, Italy, Mana Foresta on Sarjapur road aims to bring the same futuristic concept to India. Bangalore, being a truly cosmopolitan city and the tech hub of the country was perfect to initiate a project of this scale.

For many years, the business has grown slowly, since the Green Building model was first launched many years back. They have begun with eco- friendly features, landscape balconies and since then the role of nature in their ventures has increased slowly over time and this finally led to Mana Foresta becoming its magnificent opus.

The primary goal of this project is to integrate the indoors and outdoors and to create nostalgic and evocative homes. Their initiative is to create a sensation of the Indian countryside while residing in the heart of the metropolitan city.

Mana Foresta will also be India's first vertical forest, and its innovative architecture has already garnered various accolades from international property awards and a variety of other organizations recognizing its architectural prowess. True elegance does not come from glitzy interiors or fantastical aesthetics, Mana Projects strongly believe this.

True luxury includes three components: Comfort, Convenience, and Nature. This begins from inside, where the home is flooded with natural light and thoughtfully built to maximise airflow and ventilation in order to fully immerse you in the house.

Additionally, each home has fully grown trees on the balconies, which build an awe-inspiring facade from the street level while also providing a calming sense of warmth inside the home. Maintenance of these plants is often simplified with the use of an automated drip irrigation method, which ensures that all trees are self-watering and need little or no human interference.

To ensure the wellbeing of the trees and inhabitants, Mana projects has also developed a one-of-a-kind wind decelerator that will ensure that all trees receive an adequate amount of airflow to promote growth and longevity.

After examining the details, it's easy to see why Foresta is the pinnacle of Bangalore's luxury apartments. As each home is constructed using only the finest materials and components. Mana has thought of everything, from sturdy granite ledges for the balconies to designer tiles and Italian marble floors in all open areas. Imported aluminum-coated frames and world-class glass panels are used to build the windows. Doors are crafted from a collection of teak wood finished with top-of-the-line brass fittings.

Additionally, the homes are automated. The property is built to suit the new Indian lifestyle. This automation allows you to monitor appliances and other facets of your home simply by tapping a button on your smartphone.

Many of the home's upgrades are also entirely customizable to meet the resident's unique desires, as Mana Projects places a premium on customer loyalty. This is apparent in their attention to detail, as they consider aspects that the majority of builders would overlook. For example, the home's unique design eliminates the need for shared walls within apartments. This ensures that no two flats would share a wall, ensuring the highest level of safety and sound insulation.

Stepping outside the home onto the tropical 6.65-acre campus, only further accentuates the wow factor of the project. The entire property is filled with unique trees and shrubs, along with this it also has almost 10 different garden spaces that are all completely different from each other, with some full of eccentric flowers that give off exotic aromas and others that are designed for your pets to enjoy.

There are also multiple walking trails and reflecting ponds to enjoy. This unique stylistic approach is what creates the zen-like environment of a forest. Thanks to the abundance of seating, anyone can sit back and get their work done while enjoying the pleasant outdoors.

Apart from having different gardens, a lot of thought has been given to the project. practically. Foresta also has a medical store and grocery store on sight, eliminating the hassle of travelling for essentials. Providing such world-class amenities Foresta residents gets to experience a villa-like lifestyle while living in an apartment.

These apartments can even be called sky villas for their abundance of space and fresh air, unlike a typical apartment complex. This allows the project to compete head to head with some of the best premium residential apartments in Sarjapur.

The project has also been carefully crafted accounting for all the factors one would consider while purchasing an apartment or luxury villa in Sarjapur. Mana Foresta also comes with the clubhouse and all sports amenities expected from a project of this calibre, including a fully stocked badminton court, multipurpose hall, spa section, and many many more.

What truly sets the Foresta experience apart from the rest is the separate rooftop amenities. This includes a wonderful pool with a jacuzzi that can be enjoyed while gazing upon the setting sun, a world-class gymnasium, and multiple seating locations and viewpoints that deliver a one-of-a-kind therapeutic atmosphere. A touch of greenery and a unique eco-friendly twist is placed on every aspect of the project to make it authentic, yet lavish.

Key attractions of Mana Foresta

#1: Luxury fused with Greenery

Like standard modern apartment layout, the Mana Foresta project has 3 BHK and 4 BHK Apartments in Sarjapur. It has all the modern amenities necessary to lead a comfortable life. The best part is however the abundance of green elements where you can sink into a zen-like forest environment to relax and rejuvenate after an exhausting working day.

#2: Diversity better than a forest

With more than 4000 plant species, Mana Foresta proudly boasts of having more diverse species than many real forests in India. Every apartment has its balcony garden with an acutely engineered drip irrigation system for self-sustenance of the plant species.

#3: Clean and green environment

Mana Foresta is one of the best luxury residential apartments in Sarjapur having a cleaner and greener environment as compared to other residential apartments in Bangalore. Green, being the core element of the Mana Foresta Project, is spread everywhere across the premise, thereby giving access to an ample amount of pure oxygen.

#4: Forest life within city limits

People, in general, believe such projects to be way outside the city limit but Mana Project has always focussed on achieving its goal of green space well within city limits and Mana Foresta is not an exception.

All the major commercial and public centres are well connected to the project. The corporate offices are just 5-10 minutes away, while educational institutions and transport hubs well within reach of a few minutes from the best premium residential apartments in Sarjapur.

The bottom line

Mana Foresta is truly the epitome of engineering and sustainable development. It is truly India’s first vertical forest tower which will equally fascinate the young and old. Hence, booking a home at Foresta is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment for your family as well as the world around you.

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