India's First vertical Forest Tower- Mana Foresta

vertical forest tower

Green architecture and eco-friendly homes are buzzwords today. Efforts to minimise the harmful effects of real estate and construction projects on human health and the surrounding environment are gaining prominence worldwide. However, Milan’s Bosco Verticale has taken this concept to the next level by building the first vertical forest tower right in the middle of a busy Italian city. Rather than cold steel and glass, the surface of this high-rise ripples with organic life and stands out majestically.

World renowned Architect Stefano Boeri has created this iconic structure in the heart of Milan to announce to the world that nature and forests can be enjoyed in the midst of urban chaos. Trees, shrubs, flowers equalling to 2.4 acres of land are part of these twin vertical forest towers which on flat terrain would have been otherwise impossible in the center of Milan city. Bosco Verticale is a botanical and architectural experiment to extend nature into an otherwise dense living area.

Closer home, a city like Bengaluru known as the Tech hub with well-known IT companies, is slowly losing its title of the garden city thanks to all the expansion and growth. It desperately needs initiatives like Bosco Verticale where flora and fauna co-exist along with the people to change the landscape and create a better living environment.

Mana Foresta, the first of its kind organic architecture - a vertical forest tower created in Sarjapur is actually like a prayer being answered. It is a 14 storey tower and instead of hard concrete, glass & steel what you will see is countless trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers and creepers. Hundreds of birds and butterflies are also likely to be housed here owing to the flora.

Each apartment has a private garden where you can lovingly grow the choicest of trees and plants. A place where one can lovingly watch all the plants change color with the season and all the birds and butterflies moving around freely. An environment that is also designed to protect the interior living space against pollution, dust and noise and transport city dwellers to a different world.

Bangalore is lucky to be the first Indian city to be housing this iconic marvel. Right in the heart of busy Sarjapur road, close to everything essential, yet far away from it.