How to Keep Negative Energy Away from Your Home

Negative Energy Away from Your Home

Every now and again, we all experience a downcast mood. It does not matter whether you live in a highrise apartment in Bangalore or in a villa,there are instances when we feel the house is filled with negativity.

Think about how awful it would be if you were to feel low and despair all the time at your home. If you are facing such issues, it's high time to get rid of the dismal, unhappy, and downright depressing emotions. After all these negative emotions at home ruin your family’s happiness. Hence, it’s necessary to remove bad energy from your home.

Here are 10 tips to keep negative energy away from your home.

Spick and span entrance

A clean and tidy home is not only good to get rid of negativity but also to create a great first impression on people visiting your home. Small indoor plants can make the space look more appealing and inviting to others. Keeping the house spick and span from both inside and outside is equally important for health, hygiene, and a positive environment.

Clear the clutter

It is undeniable that the feeling one gets after removing clutter is unique. Cluttered objects frequently carry a lot of negative energy with them, which hampers your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual path moving ahead. Clutter also makes us feel anxious and fatigued, so why not just get rid of it?

Protect your space with crystals

Crystals are excellent ways to keep negative energy away from your home. For instance, Tourmaline is a stone that repels any bad energy around you, whilst Rose Quartz is a crystal that replaces all negative emotions and sentiments with positive ones.

Let in fresh air

A closed and gloomy room is thought to have a lot of bad energy, which must be removed by opening shuttered windows and allowing fresh air to circulate. Remove the darkness from the rooms as well. Maintain adequate lighting and enhance the space with vibrant and interesting interiors. Bright colors boost a location's energy and pleasant vibe.

Make use of colors.

Colors have always had an impact on the energy we receive at home. Even Vastu shastra suggests that certain colors have a strong influence on attracting positive vibes in the home. Colors have an impact on every direction in your home. However, unfavorable colors attract negative energy. Blue is therefore ideal in the north-west, north, and north-east; orange in the south-east, red in the south, and yellow plus red in the southwest.

Rearrange and feel better

It is thought that rearranging furniture or changing home interiors will have a positive effect on the mind. If this positive change makes you happy, it means that some negativity has been removed. According to feng shui, it is also best to avoid any broken artifacts or furniture that may create negative vibes in the space.

Remove broken things

It is not healthy for you to associate with things that are no longer useful. These items could range from a small pen to your office chair. It is critical that you discard all elements that you no longer require. This helps to direct your thoughts toward positive energy while also removing all negative energy from your home.

Ring the bell

There is a popular idea that striking a bell generates sound waves that repel negative energy. This is why bells are echoed in Hindu temples. You can opt to light a lamp and ring the bell in your pooja room every morning and evening. Some individuals also like to have an elegant bell at the front door or on their balconies.

Include mirrors.

Adding more mirrors to your home is the simplest and most effective technique to eliminate negative energy. Placing several mirrors throughout your home helps to increase positive energy, which helps to cleanse your brains and add more positive sentiments to your home décor.

Stay close to nature

Nature has always been the source of freshness, positivity, and good vibes. Therefore, as far as possible, choose a home close to nature. Check out the best homes with natural surroundings in Bangalore here.

If you are living in a city, you can add extra plants to your home to boost its life and happiness. Keep your windows open to allow sunlight and fresh air in.

The bottom line

When negative energies circulate throughout the home, it may lead to negative outcomes. Vastu can come to your aid when you are dealing with negative energy. That is why Vastu is a prominent factor while building homes. These simple Vastu tips can eliminate negative energy and make your house a happy and healthy home.

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