How to Create an Awesome Balcony Garden in your Apartment

Awesome Balcony Garden in your Apartment

Gardening is one of the pastimes that helps us relax and connect with nature. It’s also a way to beautify the home, make it lively, and spread good vibes.

Cities like Bangalore are growing rapidly, engulfing the spaces that once were dotted with greenery, trees, and natural wilderness. Concrete is replacing the landscape, which is also a cause of rising pollution.

However, all hopes are not lost yet. Balcony gardening is a way out even in the restricted space available in cities. If you live in residential apartment flats in Bangalore and enjoy gardening, you can try making a balcony garden. It’s easy and you can start without much hassle and investment.

A balcony garden can be as large or as little as the gardener's imagination or the amount of the available space allows. It can be as simple as a few railing baskets to as complex as several pots and vertical gardens covering every inch of wall space.

Now let’s answer the question - how to create a balcony garden?

Consider the space availability

First thing first, check the space you have in your flat in Bangalore to work with. You must also ensure that your balcony can support the weight of the clay pots, earth, and water.

Mind your local weather condition

After inspecting the space, determine which direction the house balcony faces and whether it receives adequate sunshine. Plant the seedlings in accordance with the weather parameters in your area. Ascertain that your balcony receives adequate sunshine and situate the pots correctly.

North-facing balconies are a little more difficult because they don't get as much sun. Look for plants that can flourish in partial or full shade. Some plants require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to flourish, while others can only tolerate four hours.

Learn a bit about plants and gardening

Learn about plants before establishing a balcony garden. Perhaps you can learn anything online or read some books. Don't plant saplings in the excitement of establishing a balcony garden and kill the plant due to a lack of information.

Choose the right containers

There are numerous planters available on the market. Purchase the planters based on your needs. Check that the containers you intend to use are suitable for your plants' development patterns. Make certain that they have proper drainage as well. Terra cotta pots must also be watered more frequently than plastic or fiberglass pots.

Use the appropriate soil

Use potting soil, commonly known as container mix. It is highly aerated, sterile, lightweight, and composed of organic components as well as some minerals required for plant growth. These soils are extremely light. Avoid using moss, pea gravel, or shredded cedar in dry soil. Mulch should be applied to the soil.

Use tea compost

Compost tea is ideal for apartment dwellers. If you are unable to manufacture compost, use tea compost water instead of watering your plants. These aid in the absorption of nutrients from the soil, resulting in healthier plants and faster growth.

Be cautious while watering

Don't pour water right away once you've set up the garden. Ascertain that all of the water has been drained to the container's bottom. Excessive watering will only degrade the plant's quality. That is why learning about plants is essential.

Try different combinations

Plants can be mixed and matched. Be astute enough to put the samples. Larger-leaved plants require more sunlight. These plants can be placed alongside the sapling that needs to be shaded. Plant some flower seedlings in one corner; organic herbs can be grown with the flowers to provide a nice aroma.

Construct railings and the ceiling.

Planters can be hung on the balcony railings to decorate them. Set up colorful blooming plants and creepers in ceramic pots, clay pots, plastic pots, or self-made wooden planters.

Planters can also be hanging from the balcony ceiling. When hung from robust hooks and metal rods, wicker baskets, and terracotta pots can look stunning. As a precaution, ensure that both the railing and the ceiling are solid enough to support the weight of the pots.

Inviting the Birds

Bird chirping can provide life to your balcony garden in your apartment in Sarjapur. Get some bird feeders to welcome your winged visitors! You can purchase ready-made bird feeders or create your own. A bird bath will be a welcome addition for the happy birds.

Include Furniture and Lighting

Set up some seats on your balcony to unwind in the midst of nature. You can choose wicker chairs, a modest center table, and some brightly colored stools. Add some cushions to make the space more comfortable. You can also add a hammock if you have enough space!

Without illumination, any decor is incomplete. So, fill your balcony garden with relaxing chandeliers, paper lanterns, and lovely fairy lights.

Some low-maintenance plant species you can have on your balcony

Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera is one of the most common household herbs. Aloe Vera requires relatively little care. If you do not already have this herb, I recommend that you purchase one as soon as possible.

Cucumbers - Cucumbers grow well on a sunny balcony.

Philodendron Birkin - It only needs bright, indirect light. If your balcony has some shadow, perch it to balance the sunlight and coolness.

Sago Palm - This lovely plant adds a tropical touch to your home. It appreciates indirect light, thrives in humid circumstances, and does not require regular watering.

Snake Plant - It is a low-maintenance succulent plant that does well with neglect.

Devils Ivy - It is regarded as the money plant, As per legend, keeping it in your home can add to your financial prosperity.

Spider Plant - This plant provides a wild look to your balcony.

Basil - Every Indian balcony has a basil plant. Known for its medical properties and immune-boosting properties, you can place it on your balcony to have a good aroma and spiritual vibes.

Some more species

  • Desert Rose
  • Tomatoes, cherry
  • Chilies
  • Mint and coriander leaves
  • Hibiscus and roses

The bottom line

Balcony gardening is definitely one of the best ways to fill your home with natural vibes and liveliness. You can also feel relaxed while having the company of different plant species on your balcony.

Work on the suggestions given in this article and you can see a thriving garden in no time. Not only you but your visitors will also love to be in the favorite place of your home.