Discover Tranquility and Sustainability at Mana Dale, Sarjapur


In the heart of Bengaluru's Sarjapur lies a haven where nature takes center stage. Mana Dale, a brainchild of Mana Projects, isn't just a residential project; it's a transformative, sustainable oasis. Picture undulating valleys of tranquility and lush green foliage—this is Mana Dale, a dreamscape that transcends conventional landscapes and invites you into the embrace of forestscapes.

A Tapestry of Interconnected Lives:

Mana Dale is a unique endeavor, where families live independently yet thrive in an interactive community. It's a place where residents seek a vibrant atmosphere within an environment-conscious, socially-conscious, and integrated society. Here, the pitter-patter of little feet harmonizes with the rhythm of raindrops, as grandparents cherish golden moments, and young professionals pursue their passions, all in one holistic setting. This is the essence of Mana Dale—an equilibrium of serenity and excitement, a lifetime in the making.

Pioneering Sustainability:

Mana Dale proudly introduces a range of eco-friendly initiatives that set it apart. Spanning over 6.39 acres, it features a 100-year-old fruit orchard and a natural lake—a testament to its commitment to preserving the environment. The project also pioneers Mivan Technology in Construction, showcasing innovation in every facet. Additionally, the luxury clubhouses sprawl over 55,000 sq ft, providing a lavish retreat within this green tropical paradise.

Living Amongst Legacy and Nature:

Mana Dale is a harmonious blend of legacy and nature. The 100-year-old fruit orchard stands as a testament to time, offering a glimpse into the past while embracing the future. The natural lake adds a touch of serenity, creating a backdrop that's both calming and invigorating.


Mana Dale is more than just a residential project; it's an invitation to a life intertwined with nature's legacy. It's a tribute to sustainability, innovation, and a community-centered lifestyle. Experience the harmony of tranquil living and vibrant surroundings at Mana Dale, Sarjapur.