How to Check The Construction Quality If You Are Buying A New House in Bangalore

For 90% of people who buy a pre-built home, determining the construction quality is always a struggle. It is quite difficult for a homeowner to judge the quality of building materials used in a large-scale residential project, a duplex, or an independent floor. However, there are some measures that property owners may use to ensure that they are not being duped in the name of branded sanitary ware, high-quality beams and columns, and the best water pipes and power wiring.

Checking and measuring the construction quality of a project is critical if you are a homebuyer seeking to invest in an under-construction project. When purchasing such a home, it is best to pay a surprise visit to the construction site to inspect the construction quality. Although inspecting the building quality is a difficult undertaking, you can use the suggestions in this post to conduct a quality test on your new home in Bangalore.

7 tips to check the quality of a new home

Soil's quality

Try to note the quality and type of soil on which the structure is built when you go on a site visit. You might inquire with the contractor or the agency about the particular composition of the soil. Soil quality varies from location to location. It is a crucial factor in determining the foundation's strength. Keep in mind that clay-rich soil and black cotton soil are not suitable for high-rise buildings. According to scientists, such soils swell and shrink depending on moisture and water levels. Property buyers can also request a copy of the soil test that is performed before construction begins.

Structural design

A person unfamiliar with design methodologies would struggle to appreciate the structural nitty-gritty. As a result, you can employ an expert to assess the building's design and structural strength. Property owners are frequently urged to evaluate construction quality in terms of earthquake resilience, firefighting provisions, and emergency escape accessibility.

Thickness of the walls

In the layout agreements, the developer is obligated to state the thickness of the walls. Examine the construction site to see if it is true. You can also test this by pressing any key against the wall. If you can easily make a hole, ask the constructor about the concrete mix. Tap the walls with your knuckles to see if they are hollow or if plywood is used inside the walls. Plywood walls are frequently used by builders to add strength to the structure. However, termites can cause harm to such structures if they are not adequately managed.

Paint quality

Look for unequal cracks in the wall plastering during your site visit. Even a little fissure could show the quality of the wall paint. In fact, a lack of curing might cause cracks in the walls, which will only worsen over time. While good quality paint can improve the visual appeal and longevity of the walls, incorrect curing might cause the walls to deteriorate before their time.

Fixtures and fittings

Taps and showers in the kitchen and bathroom should be in good functioning order. In addition, the bathroom floor must be level. Bathroom and kitchen tiles are an excellent predictor of overall building quality. When opening, doors should not generate a creaking sound. Buyers should also pay attention to door handles, electrical fixtures, and window locks.

Facilities and common areas

Prospective purchasers can also gauge the developer's emphasis on construction quality by visiting the building's communal amenities. Lifts, for example, from reputable manufacturers will have a maintenance contract and will thus be checked on a regular basis by the respective facilities management agency. Lifts of unfamiliar brands, on the other hand, should arouse customer skepticism.

Safety & security features

Examine the developer's safety precautions, such as earthquake resistance, emergency evacuation, and fire escape. Examine the stairway's size and space. In an emergency, it should be broad enough for two people to sprint alongside.

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