Buying A Home in Sarjapur | Here is What You Must Do While Making A Site Visit

January 29, 2022

Buying A Home in Sarjapur

Real Estate in Bangalore is one of India’s fastest-growing sectors, with the construction of properties going at an unbelievable pace. While areas like Whitefield and Electronics City have already reached a state of saturation in terms of construction, most of the builders and real estate companies in Bangalore are looking for alternatives.

As an alternative, Sarjaour has been regarded as the best potential site for real estate projects with the best ROI. There is always a dilemma for prospective home seekers looking to invest in flats in Sarjapur, Bangalore. People are often perplexed to invest in ready to move in flats or under-construction properties in Sarjapur.

Looking at the risk factors involved while investing in an under-construction home, the homebuyers need to do due diligence and evaluate a property on multiple parameters. However, more than anything, physically visiting a property is the best way to ensure your queries are resolved.

Here are a few things you must ensure while making a site visit.

1) Ease of Accessibility

The ease with which a site can be accessed should be one of the first things you consider. A project that is close to the main road and has better access to public transportation will not only allow for a more convenient lifestyle, it can also guarantee you a higher resale value in the future. Additionally, you must check the development and condition of roads around the site.

2) Proximity to social infrastructure

For a complete and comfortable lifestyle, social infrastructure and amenities are necessary. Hospitals, schools, banks, theaters, restaurants, and shopping districts not only add value to life but are also an inevitable part of the modern lifestyle. Hence, they must all be within walking distance of the project. Otherwise, life may become mundane and uninteresting due to a lack of social infrastructure.

3) Quality of construction

Pay attention to the fixtures, fittings, and electrical equipment to understand the overall construction quality. Ascertain that the flooring, roofing, and walls are constructed of high-quality materials. Water seepage and mold growth become common if the materials are low quality. However, more than anything, the overall safety of the building may be at risk if the materials used are of poor quality.

4) Amenities

If the project is nearly finished, check properly that the amenities provided match those promised in the brochure. You can also see if the unit you've chosen is close to an elevator or a fire escape. Additionally, don’t forget to inspect the project's common areas, parking areas, lighting, and the presence of open spaces.

5) Authenticity of the property

Builders often deviate from the promises during the pre-launch period. So, if you intend to purchase a unit during the pre-launch period, a site visit can enable you to understand the authenticity of the developer's claims and promises.

6) Timely Progress

Buying a home is always special. It is an emotional achievement in itself. Thus people dream of accomplishing this with timely possession of the property. Regular visits to the project site can help a buyer check that the work progresses as scheduled. Regular site visits also prompt the builder to finish the construction within the promised date.

The bottom line

Technology advancement has brought new changes in the real estate sector. Builders can now keep their buyers updated about the construction progress using technology. However, experts believe that regular site visits for personal inspection are essential despite these technological advancements. Hence, keep this checklist in mind the next time you make a site visit to your project.