Balcony Designs For Apartments That Will Leave Your Guests Spellbound

January 29, 2022

Balcony Designs For Apartments

Balconies may appear to be a small space, but when properly decorated, they can quickly become your favorite relaxation spot. Imagine sipping steaming tea or coffee in a cozy seating arrangement enjoying a breathtaking view from your balcony. If you think that sounds too poetic, then you may be utterly surprised because you can make it real with surprisingly inexpensive efforts.

Continue reading for cozy balcony ideas that are both easy to maintain and don't cost you much. These apartment balcony design ideas will give you ideas on making the most of your available space.

1. The perfect seating arrangement

While cozy balcony ideas call for fluffy cushions and large areas to relax, comfort can also be achieved with simple balcony decorations. You can buy a chair and table set and add some throw pillows. A swing set to sway with the breeze is also another great idea.

Make sure your seating arrangement does not crowd the balcony and allows you to move around freely. If you have compact space, you can select a long wooden bench adorned with pillows. It will save space and serve multiple functions.

2. Play with colors

Breaking the norms, you can choose bold balcony designs for your apartment. Balconies with narrow walls generally look empty. That’s why some gutsy color shade can put a new vibe altogether.

Similarly, you can try out colored and patterned tiles, pillows, upholsteries, and rugs to style up your balcony in a new look. Rugs, for example, have multipurpose utilities. Apart from adding colors, they can be used for yoga, meditation and workouts.

3. Add natural elements

Another mind-blowing idea is to add natural elements like plants and creepers. Hanging potted plants, creepers, succulents provide greenery and liveliness. A balcony bedecked with plants, pots, creepers, and flowers is a sight that no one can resist. Moreover, the green elements are also beneficial for your family’s health.

4. Don’t forget lighting

Lighting is a basic element that can change the decor of any place. Many people even believe lighting is an important element of the Feng Shui home decor. While lighting is easy to install inside, it may not be that easy for balconies.

Remember to have lighting that does not encroach on the space. Therefore, a big heavy standing lamp is not advisable. Instead, you can go for string lights or fairy lights that are good for compact spaces.

Also, choose lights with colors that compliment your mood. You can choose colored lighting for different occasions. For example, warm yellow lights are perfect for a lovely evening get-together.

5. Don’t obstruct the view

Most builders in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai or NCR are building apartments with beautiful cityscape views from the balconies. often come with a beautiful view of the city or even lush green trees. It's best not to huddle your seating because it makes it difficult to move around. Rather, arrange your furniture so that you are facing the view.

Swing sets, beanbags, and small balcony tables are simple decoration ideas that help complement the view. Railings, doors, and grills should have minimal impact on the space to enhance the beauty of the view. Choose glass sliding doors that allow you to see the view from your living room or bedroom.

6. Add a personalized touch

As mentioned earlier, a balcony is like a canvas that you can use to express yourself. You can choose themed decorations as per your personal choices. For example, installing a small side table for books is a way to convey your love for books. Similarly, a small art gallery is perfect to showcase your love for arts and handicrafts.

The bottom line

As you can see, creating a wonderfully designed balcony is possible with simple designs and minimal costs. You don’t always need the best home decor service to design your balcony the way you wish to see it. With some simple additions, you can turn your simple balconies into a breathtakingly beautiful balconies that will leave your guests spellbound.

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