Make the Most Out of Your Small Balcony With These Amazing Decor Tips

For the majority of people, if you live in an apartment in cities like Bangalore or Mumbai, your outdoor space might not be filled with luxuries such as a she-shed or a swimming pool. But, if your space includes a balcony, you can still rejoice!

You've got your own little slice of the great outdoors to decorate however you want. A small, drab balcony can be transformed into your own outdoor oasis with a little attention to detail.

Large balconies might not be a privilege for most people who are living in apartments in Sarjapur Road. But that does not preclude them from being lovely. We have gathered a collection of small balcony decoration ideas to provide you with a DIY balcony decor list for making your space look charming.

We present you with some of the best balcony decor ideas that will elevate the charm of your balcony, even if it is small. These ideas will reflect your idea of a perfect home.

Before you set out to revamp your outdoor balcony in your 2 BHK flat in Bangalore, here are a few things to consider.


The first thing you'll probably want to do is put in some furniture. But keep in mind that anything you place on your balcony will be exposed to the elements. Resin wicker, wrought iron, teak, and plastic can withstand the majority of Mother Nature's wrath.


It's now time to add some finishing touches to your balcony. Plants are excellent for adding color to a room. Flowers like geraniums and begonias thrive in a balcony garden, as do sturdy plants like bamboo and fresh herbs. Before making any decisions, consider the hardy zone you live in as well as the amount of light your balcony receives.


Finally, think about whether you want privacy in your outdoor space and how much of it you want. While shared living spaces such as flats and apartments in Bangalore make total privacy difficult to achieve, there are a number of balcony ideas to help you say goodbye to nosy neighbors and claim more personal space.

Tall plants, climbing vines, and shrubs are excellent quick fixes. Weatherproof textiles and fabric hangings are ideal for closing off your space while also providing much-needed shade. You can even purchase privacy screens made of materials ranging from metal to bamboo.

You're probably aware that there are numerous balcony ideas to incorporate, even in the smallest of spaces. Are you ready to begin?

5 balcony decor tips that work best with small balconies

1. Use lights to brighten up the whole space

The best way to change anything is to simply add lights to it. It is a simple concept that is followed for its sleekness and merit. Imagine a Diwali without any of these balcony decorations hanging around. You can't do it, can you? Simply follow that by bringing a few LED fairy lights and lighting up the area.

Wall designs that resemble wings or the landscape are just a few DIY balcony decor lighting ideas to brighten the ambiance. These lights can also be used to set the tone for specific events.

2. Minimalist yet modern approach

We are entering an era in which simplicity and minimalist style are regarded as symbols of class and character. With essential and functional designs that can act, you can frequently turn heads in the area. Foldable tables and balcony walls, as well as pop-out mini grills that can be installed in the smallest of spaces, can all be incorporated into your modern balcony design.

This works well with small balcony decor ideas because you can add character and class with the smallest details. It even saves you a few dollars, which sounds ideal for those who want to show off but only with what they already have.

3. Go green - the classic way

This is a no-brainer and one of the most widely used ideas. Maintaining a small garden on your balcony can also be a fun activity. It has been shown to increase patience, help manage stress and anger, and create a happy environment. Apartment balcony garden concepts vary from person to person. It ranges from growing plants from seed to purchasing already grown plants.

Finally, it is how you perceive this small balcony décor idea and your willingness to work toward it. Life in your home is something that makes the place a little more appealing, giving it a natural feeling, and is something to think about for all your family members out there.

4. Cover it up for privacy

Paint or wallpaper are among the best balcony wall design ideas available. Simple, enjoyable, and simple to execute. It can also serve as your own DIY balcony decoration. Getting creative can often liven up a room. This is particularly simple on smaller balconies. Because there isn't much to work with, it may be a less expensive option. With millions of videos available online and plenty of time left over during Corona, grab a bucket and go to town.

Painting or using wallpaper as one of the better balcony decoration hacks can also help freshen the space and remove old paint. To be even more fabulous, combine this with a GO GREEN mentality by using eco-friendly products.

5. Follow the Vastu way

Vastu, or the science of order, is a more traditional way of looking at things. Vastu for Home is an order that must be followed in relation to all material things in the home. From doors, chairs, and windows to clocks, mirrors, and even plants, there is something for everyone.

Vastu for balconies is not limited to luxury apartments in Sarjapur Road. Even you can follow some tips from the Vaastu principles. Vaastu states that the balcony's roof should only slope to the northeast and flowerpots to the southwest!

Vastu can positively influence everything from wealth to family relationships. According to Vastu, these are some of the few small balcony decoration ideas you can try to increase the prosperity and happiness in and around you.

The bottom line

These 5 balcony decor tips work best for all balconies, even if the balcony is small. However, this is not the end. Whether you live in flats in Sarjapur or apartments in Sarjapur Road, these small balcony decoration ideas you can still refer to many more ideas. Keep checking this space for more interesting home decor tips curated by our professionals.

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