Mana Capitol - A Pioneer from Mana Projects, Bags Another Award For Its Innovative Construction in Bangalore

Construction in Bangalore

september 04, 2021

Mana Capitol, a futuristic project by Mana Projects Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards in the “Best Mixed Used Development India” category. Nonetheless, it is noteworthy to mention that this category of award is presented to the projects that are developed as both residential and commercial property.

The award is presented in association with American Standard and the presenters consider various aspects of construction before deciding on the winner. Nonetheless, it is a sign of prestige and pride for companies to even be a participant and to become the winner in itself speaks volumes about the quality and innovation during the entire construction process.

Therefore, Mana Capitol has now joined the league of milestone projects that have received the prestigious award at least once. The award is surely a noteworthy inclusion in the milestones covered by Mana projects.

Before proceeding further, let us look briefly at what exactly is Mana Capitol - one of the most sought-after residential projects in the whole of Bangalore.

What is Mana Capitol?

Mana Capitol is a pioneering and visionary residential cum commercial project with 2,3 BHK & Duplex apartments on Sarjapur main road. Located in a prime location on the Sarjapur-Whitefield-Electronic city belt, the area has a high potential being in the close vicinity of the tech hub and corporate world of Bengaluru. With that said, Wipro is headquartered in Sarjapur a little over a hundred meters from Mana Capitol.

That is why out of the 7 acres of the dedicated space, 5 acres is allocated for residential development and 2 acres exclusive for commercial spaces, particularly office spaces. People always look for living spaces close to their workplaces. Capitalizing on this requirement, Mana Capitol is a step further ahead in bringing the workplace inside the home.

When the whole Sarjapur area is rapidly becoming the preferred location of the corporate giants and other major companies, the appreciation of the property value is imminent, as the property experts anticipate. In fact, some experts suggest that it has already started, and owning even When the whole Sarjapur area is rapidly becoming the preferred location of the corporate giants and other major companies, the appreciation of the property value is imminent, as the property experts anticipate. In fact, some experts suggest that it has already started, and owning even under-construction properties in Sarjapur is truly an asset with high returns. Considering that fact, Mana Capitol is a thoughtful execution to cater to the needs of both residential and commercial space requirements.

This surge in demand has also changed the recent real estate trends in Bangalore and the top real estate companies in Bangalore are now focusing on developing mixed property especially projects on the main roads. Mana Projects Pvt. Ltd has been known for its innovation and trendsetting had envisioned such real estate projects along the back, while other companies were still in dilemma over creating housing spaces as per the youth, millennials, and Generation Z. Because they are the dominant workforce demographics in Bangalore.

Popular studies have shown that, unlike the centennials, millennials prefer location, amenities, and inclusion of socializing spaces more than anything else in any modern premium homes, be it in Bangalore or in any other cities. Considering these requirements, Mana Capitol has been designed perfectly with thoughtfully designed amenities in the right places. However, the most unique feature of Mana Capitol is the convertible space wherein one can convert the rooms by shifting the walls. This feature allows the residents to create space as per their requirements, be it for professional conferences or social gatherings. The whole premise is Wi-Fi enabled and one can just grab the laptop and start working by sitting in any corner of the premise. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Mana Capitol truly a house with work from home amenities.

The makers have stuffed Mana Capitol with amenities to support and sustain the changing lifestyle of people, the youths in particular. The in-house restaurant and cafe, for example, save the residents from the hassle and toll of roaming around the city. The indoor gym has all the elements necessary for a perfect workout, be it a light fitness-loving person or a hardcore fitness freak. The range of games and recreational activities like snake and ladder, TT, and Snooker are enough to keep everyone engaged and fill thrill and excitement in, otherwise, boring routine life.

The nature-inspired sky gardens and greenery all around the premise will attract anyone who is looking for nature amidst modernity or vice versa. After all, Nature and Greenery have been the pillars and themes of any Mana project.

Mana Capitol has one of the largest clubhouses in the Sarjapur area. However, being largest has no meaning if there is nothing to glorify this claim. Therefore, the makers of the project have put all the clubhouse amenities that are useful and helpful in one place. So, without any worries, people can enjoy the amenities to the fullest.

Furthermore, Mana Capitol is one of the premium projects, with convertible 2&3 BHK homes in Sarjapur. Even the location is easily accessible from any part of the city. The presence of social and commercial infrastructure around the location makes it one of the best and wanted locations in modern Bangalore

Is Mana Capitol worth buying?

The answer is a big YES! The state-of-the-art convertible design, thoughtfully placed amenities, desired location, and affordable price band make the project one of the best to live in, especially for the working diaspora. Although the ready to occupy 2 & 3 BHK flats are open to all, it is the millennials and generation Z who will find the flats have been built just for them.

Final verdict

The Asia Pacific Property Award itself speaks volumes about the project. There are just a countable number of real estate companies in Bangalore that have not only maintained high standards of construction but also changed the trends of construction. Mana projects are undoubtedly one such company. Now, with Mana Capitol, it is ready to set new trend in the convertible homes in Bangalore