All You Need To Know About Marble Flooring

Flooring refers to any type of permanent floor covering. In other words. It refers to any finish material applied to a floor structure to provide a walking surface. You will find several flooring materials in the market. But marble flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring.

Marble flooring has been utilized in domestic buildings for millennia. That is why you will find them in most luxury apartments in Sarjapur Road. There are various benefits as well as drawbacks of marble flooring that a homeowner should be aware of before installing or remodeling the flooring. But let’s first see why marble is so popular.

What’s special about Marble?

Even if you live in one of the residential apartments in Sarjapur Road Bangalore, if you have marble flooring, it can elevate the look and charm to the next level. It is one of the few items in home décor that is timeless. It is fashionable, it complements the various paint and wallpaper styles, it draws attention to the furniture, and it is simple to keep.

Marble has been quarried in hilly locations around the world for a long time in human history. Marble deposits can be found in Northern and Central Indian states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. Consider how one of the world's wonders, the Taj Mahal, is entirely fashioned of White Marble from Makrana, Rajasthan, and how marble has long been the preference of royalties over the world.

This veneered premium stone may make it grander and more 'feel at home.' It's crucial to understand the many varieties of Marble Flooring that exist so you can choose what's best for your premium luxury homes in Sarjapur Road Bangalore.

Marble comes in a variety of colors and vein patterns; each slab will be unique in its vein themes. White Marble tiles are the most popular of the various varieties of marble flooring available.

1. White Marble

It is the most dazzling Marble; it makes the rooms appear larger and brighter. There are numerous subtypes of white marble, including Talai white marble, Opal white marble, White Sangemarmar marble, Carrara White Marble, and Morwad white marble. Despite the fact that it requires more upkeep than other types of marble, it is nevertheless preferred above others because it refines the overall décor. Therefore, the best construction company in Bangalore always prefers to use white marble in premium and luxury properties in Bangalore.

The price per square foot can range from ₹ 120 to nearly ₹ 400 depending on the type of white marble, its grade, and the vendor.

2. Beige Marble

Beige Marble is another sort of marble that adds refinement to the home; it adds the appropriate warmth to the room and coziness up the interiors. Despite the fact that beige marble is rather popular in some parts of the country, it has never gone out of style. This incredibly durable Marble is available in a variety of flooring options.

3. Moscato Beige

Moscato Beige features a uniform background with gentle toasted tones, and the veins are glossy. Travertines feature natural pastel tones that seem like sand and soil. Boticcino is a beige calcite marble with a delicate beige background, light golden streaks, and white shadows that resemble sea foam. Premium Beige is a form of marble that can be used in place of white marble; it has a clean and crisp appearance due to its mild beige tone. The pricing of these marble tiles ranges from ₹ 60 to 200 per square foot.

4. Yellow Marble

Yellow marble is an excellent choice for marble flooring since it maintains the traditional aesthetic while still being fashionable. Yellow Marble also comes in Ita Gold marble, Antique Rainforest Marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, Rainforest gold, Yellow Sahara Marble, and Goldio marble. This is appropriate for all sorts of flooring, including indoor, outdoor, and countertop surfaces. Prices range from ₹ 120 to ₹ 400 per square foot.

5. Green Marble

Green Marble is one of the few forms of marble flooring that can be used throughout the house. They are symbols of nature, prosperity, and health. The veins in green Marble are predominantly white, but there are also golden, ochre, black, and grey veins of varying severity. There are also green veins that are lighter or darker than the main color.

Mint green, Green Onyx, which resembles the top view of an ocean, Botanic green, which resembles flora and is accentuated with gold veins, Kesariaji green marble, Rainforest green marble, Udaipur green marble, and the most commonly used Spider green marble are the different types of marbles available in Green Marble. The cost per square foot ranges from ₹ 45 to 70.

6. Blue Marble

Blue Marble is the most tranquil of the marble flooring options. It offers the same sense of tranquility to your home as staring out the window at a clear summer sky

Sky blue Marble, with its pastel blue base tone and hazy white veins, brings the Sky to your floor, Blue calcite and Macauba Blue Quartzite, with their chromatic brilliance, can bring an unrivaled aesthetic appeal to your house, and Blue Sodalite is also an intriguing choice. A square foot of Blue Marble costs between ₹ 230 and 600.

7. Pink Marble

Choosing the gorgeous Pink Marble is a really simple way to add some color to your home. Some pink marbles include Asaria Crystal marble, Lotus pink marble, Udaipur pink marble, Banswara pink marble, Katni pink marble, Maharani pink marble, and Classic pink marble.

They are highly pleasing to the eye and add an active vibe to your home like nothing else. Prices range from ₹ 30 to ₹ 60 per square foot.

8. Brown Marble

Brown Marble is one of the most popular forms of marble flooring. Brown Marble can feature color lines that are as distinct as white, coral, or gold. Ebony Suede brown marble, Torrento marble, Kozo brown marble, Aggariya brown lehariya marble, and Ambaji brown marble are some of the types of brown marble available. They are easier to maintain than light-colored marbles. Brown Marble costs between ₹ 180 and ₹ 250.

9. Black Marble

Being one of the finest marbles, black marble never goes out of style. That is why it is one of the favorite choices of the best builders in Sarjapur Road Bangalore. It is as simple to care for as it is comfortable. The black marble has fascinating collections within its category; its deep backdrop will be highlighted by bold multicolor veins ranging from white, beige, orange, and gold.

Black Dune, a captivating black marble with white veins, an enigmatic Ebony black, Saint Laurent Black marble, Grey Carrara Marble, and Indian Black Marble are the different types of Black Marble. Black Marble costs between ₹ 60 and ₹ 400 per square foot, depending on the variety.

In conclusion

Marble flooring must be installed properly with skilled labor. The specifics for maintenance may differ slightly for each type of marble, but the outline is the same. They must be thoroughly polished, which not only adds gloss but also protects the marble from scratches. Longer slabs are better for installation, though they cost more than smaller ones.

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